This company is part of Ventspils nafta group This company is part of Ventspils nafta group

About LatRosTrans


LatRosTrans is (LRT) the only crude oil and petroleum product transport company that provides transportation of diesel fuel via the main pipeline in the territory of Latvia, from the Belarussian border to VentspilsThe biggest shareholder of LRT is LATVIJAS KUĢNIECĪBA joint stock company owning 66% of LRT  share capital.

LRT employs high-level professionals who constantly strive to perfect their knowledge of their discipline. Through the high qualification and work skill of its employees, and combined with substantial investments in development of infrastructure LRT continues to ensure the highest quality of transit services, precision, and reliability for its clients.


The overall length of the company’s main pipelines located within the territory of Latvia exceeds 780 km and have a combined capacity to hold   242’819 m3 of oil. The Polotsk-Ventspils pipeline currently provides delivery of diesel fuel at a throughput capacity of up to eight million tons per year; although presently Polotsk-Ventspils, and additionally Polotsk-Mazeikiai, do not transport crude oil. Indeed, since 2010 efforts are underway to empty, clean, and conserve the Polotsk-Ventspils pipeline; with the aim of adapting it for new business uses. The petroleum product terminal in Ilukste has a capacity of 160’000 m3.

Our mision

We transport petroleum products with the utmost care and attention towards the environment;  and work in line with global standards to guarantee safety of product transportation, high quality service, and optimal delivery terms for our clients.

Our vision

We seek to work in a business environment where decisions are subject to the quality of transport services, and not political interests. We wish to limit illegal connections to petroleum product pipelines as much as possible, for such actions harm both our company and the state of Latvia; not to mention the damage inflicted upon the environment.