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Community Investment

The Projects Supported in 2016

Support to the society “For Dzhukste”

With the purpose to provide a support to restoration of historical visual image of Dzhukste, in 2016 LatRosTrans LLC granted funding to the society “For Dzhukste”. Its main purpose of activity is to build Dzhukste Evangelical Lutheran Church in the midst of existing ruins in accordance with the design by architect Gints Sūna. The designed church is intended with the dimensions of an average single-family house (around 200 m2), so as to make its construction and maintenance maximally economically viable. The purpose of the society is to build the church by 100th anniversary of Latvia.

Support to the society Bruņinieks sports club

With the purpose to provide a support to participation of the men’s basketball team of the Daugavpils region in the 2016/2017 championship of the 3rd Latvian Basketball League, LatRosTrans LLC granted funding to the society Bruņinieks sports club. The purpose of the society is to provide its members and other residents of the region with healthy lifestyle, as well as to develop and improve athletics in the entire Latgale region. 

For Better Future for Inhabitants of SOS Children’s Villages

The adults are responsible not only for own children, but also for those who remained without parental love and care. The social organization "Association of SOS Children's Villages" cares for to provide to such children all necessary things. 

Two SOS Children’s Villages operate in Latvia – in Islice in Bauska region and in Valmiera.

In each SOS Children’s Village, there are 12 residential houses, office (administration) building and children’s playgrounds. In every family, there is a SOS adoptive mother and five to seven children. Most of the children grow together with their siblings. Oftentimes, when coming to SOS village, siblings meet after not have seen each other for several years, since previously they were growing in different orphans’ homes. 

Support to the Shadow Day over the Whole Latvia

Being an enterprise aimed at long-term development, LatRosTrans LLC considers it necessary to invest today in future employees. Therefore, the Company has become one of those who support the Shadow Day organized by “Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Latvija”.

The Shadow Day gives schoolchildren an opportunity to explore the everyday routine of the specialist of desired profession and understand whether it is same as the schoolchild was picturing. Annually, thousands of young people take part in this event all over the country.

Support to Investigation of Children’s Talent

To make Latvia having its own Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and other wunderkinds (miracle children) that the whole world speaks about, it’s necessary to invest in the development of children's talents. In view of this, LatRosTrans LLC made donation for the ASNI foundation since it believes that talented children can achieve more when comprehending and further developing their skills.

The foundation was established in 2011 with the purpose to support investigation of giftedness, as well as to help the educational system in seeing massive opportunities for recognition of gifted children’s potential and supporting their growth. The originators of the foundation are sure that, if educators are able to reveal talents and help children and teen-agers to develop, then in future years the number of people popularizing Latvia’s name in the world will be much higher.

Support for Achieving Goals of “Mission Possible”

Since 2008, when first young professionals became teachers within the project “Mission Possible”, hundreds of Latvian schoolchildren discovered how interesting physics, chemistry, music and other school courses could be. 

 Initiators and supporters of the project believe that a good teacher is the basis for quality education. Over 40% of teachers in Latvia are over 50 years old. That is why project helps skilled and purposeful graduates to become afterwards inspiring teachers and leaders.

Having evaluated the goals of the project implementers and authors of the idea to strengthen the education as a value, and desiring to make its contribution to future specialists’ education, LatRosTrans LLC has donated for the “Mission Possible” project.

Previously Supported Projects

“Baby Box”

One of the first projects supported by LatRosTrans LLC was a support to the Latvian Baby Box project. Baby Box or a Lifeboat is the place wherein parents can anonymously give up their new-born children and leave them for further adoption. 

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Support to Nature Protection Projects

LatRosTrans LLC had supported efforts of the Latvian Nature Foundation in the field of nature protection and society education in the given area.

For 25 years already, the Latvian Nature Foundation takes care of preserving the diversity of nature in Latvia. And to achieve this, the organization operates in the field of practical protection of nature and education of society about the importance of the diversity of nature, along with paying special attention to saving of protected species and biotopes.

Support for Facilitation to Children’s Health and Welfare

Children are the future of any state. In view of this, LatRosTrans LLC being a socially responsible enterprise made its contribution so as to help our young generation to be healthy and live in welfare. To support these goals, in 2014 LatRosTrans LLC made donation for the charity fund taking care of children all over the world for over 40 year, namely the “Ronald McDonald House Charities”. For 4 decades, the foundation gave the hope for better future to over 9 million children in 62 countries. And from 2008, the foundation operates also in Latvia. 

To achieve the desired goal and help the kids all over the world to be healthy and live in prosperity, the “Ronald McDonald House Charities” charity fund ensures for parents housing close to hospitals, provides recreation rooms in hospitals, organizes care centres, and also provides grants for implementation of the programs in the field of children’s health and welfare.

Contribution to Education of New Specialists

As a contemporary enterprise ensuring employment of professionals in various areas, LatRosTrans LLC admits that today it is necessary to both invest own skills and support education of new specialists. 

The secondary school of engineering offers to master the general secondary education program in mathematics, natural science and engineering. In the first year in school, 22 schoolchildren of the 10th grade were admitted to the places financed from the school's budget on competition basis, along with being ensured by free places in official hotels of Riga Technical University.

Support for the International Baltic Ballet Festival

In 2015, International Ballet Festival took place in Latvia, giving the lovers of culture in our country the opportunity to see performances by world-class dancers, choreographers, ballet theatres and organizations combining classical traditions with nowadays vision.

Support for Honour Pupils in Achieving More

With the purpose of own contribution to training young outstanding specialists and scientists, in 2014 LatRosTrans LLC granted support to three projects of “Latvijas Universitātes Fonds”  foundation (The University of Latvia Foundation): 

  • The action plan for schoolchildren participation in the International European Olympiad in natural sciences;
  • Creatively exact event – e-competition for laureates in natural sciences and math of 2014-2015 season;
  • Modernization of educational course block “Analysis of soil and air” for the Faculty of chemistry of the University of Latvia.

Support to the Young BMX Racers

Two-time Olympic champion Māris Štrombergs showed the world that Latvian BMX racers are professional and talented enough to take first place on the winners’ stand and bring home gold medals after Olympic Games.

Young Latvian BMX racers need a financial support for their talents development, so as to be able to bear the name of Latvia worldwide. Supporting young sportspeople and their striving for achievements, in 2014 LatRosTrans LLC made donation for one of the oldest and experienced BMX sports clubs “Rīgas Favorīts”, which was called by Europe championship winner Ēriks Osis his training site. Also, in this club several many-time winners of Latvian National BMX Championship have grown – for instance, Anita Birze, Edgars Reinfelds, Andis Cīrulis and Kalvis Eisaks.