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Shadow Day at “LatRosTrans”


Shadow Day at “LatRosTrans”

February 15, 2016 / News

This year on the Shadow Day, February 10, the engineers at the largest structural unit of “LatRosTrans” Ltd (LRT) in Ilūkste were followed for three hours by three shadows from schools of Latgale region. The participants on the Shadow Day were Helēna Špakovska from grade 11 of the Daugavpils State Gymnasium who shadowed computer management technology engineer Viktors Šuksts, as well as two pupils from grade 10 of the Vabole Secondary School – Elvis Teniss and Guntars Veliks who shadowed the operations department’s mechanics engineer Armands Bitners.

 “For the second year in a row LRT is a strategic supporter of the Shadow Day, and we ourselves invite the new interested individuals to follow our daily routines because we believe that by seeing the practical side of the work pupils can gain a much better impression about the profession. At school they can get theoretical knowledge, yet this event that takes place throughout Latvia gives valuable conclusions about what can help become an engineering professional in the future,” emphasizes the staff manager Marika Lapiņa.

The day started with safety instructions performed by specialists of the company’s safety department. Pupils found out about LRT’s field of activity, the types of positions at the company and the work routines. Throughout the day, engineers introduced the young people with specific features of their work, showed their equipment and devices both indoors at the office and outside in the territory LRT. The pupils had the opportunity to see petroleum product storage tanks and pipelines.

When asked about why they chose LRT to shadow, the pupils answered that they are genuinely interested in engineering professions and they want to link their future with them. The curiosity and motivation of the young people could really be felt because they actively asked questions to specialists during the day.